Theoretical Study of an Effective Field Plate Termination for SiC Devices Based on High-k Dielectrics


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A classical implementation of the field plate technique is the oxide ramp termination. This paper presents improvements of the breakdown voltage for both SiC JBDs and SBDs, obtained by using high-k dielectrics. A study regarding the influence of the dielectric permittivity and thickness on the off-state performances of the diodes is included. It is shown that Si3N4 is to be preferred to SiO2 for the dielectric ramp. Termination efficiencies up to 96% are reported.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 527-529)

Edited by:

Robert P. Devaty, David J. Larkin and Stephen E. Saddow




M. Brezeanu et al., "Theoretical Study of an Effective Field Plate Termination for SiC Devices Based on High-k Dielectrics", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 527-529, pp. 1087-1090, 2006

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October 2006




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