Growth and Investigation of n-AlGaN/p-6H-SiC/n-6H-SiC Heterostructures


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The investigated AlGaN epitaxial layers were grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) on a commercial P+ SiC substrate or on an N+ SiC Lely substrate with a p+ SiC layer previously grown by sublimation epitaxy. To investigate the electrical characteristics of the n-p heterojunction, mesa structures of 100, 200 and 1500 microns in diameter were fabricated by reactive ion etching. Investigation of electrical characteristics shows good quality of grown n- AlGaN/p-SiC heterojunctions. This shows applicability of this technological combination for producing n-AlGaN/p-SiC bipolar or FET transistors.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 527-529)

Edited by:

Robert P. Devaty, David J. Larkin and Stephen E. Saddow




A. A. Lebedev et al., "Growth and Investigation of n-AlGaN/p-6H-SiC/n-6H-SiC Heterostructures", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 527-529, pp. 1537-1541, 2006

Online since:

October 2006




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