Research on Innovative Product Design System Based on QFD and TRIZ


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This paper presents an innovative product design system based on Quality Function Development (QFD) and Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ in Russian abbreviation). House of Quality (HOQ) is the core of QFD. To make QFD more practical and operable for small and medium-sized companies, a simplified model of HOQ is proposed. A set of reasoning scheme for inferring requirements relationships is adopted to facilitate constructing the HOQ. The contradiction in the process of mechanical design is defined by TRIZ as physical contradiction and technical contradiction. These two contradictions are solved through contradiction matrix and inventive principles of TRIZ. The innovative design system mainly uses the tool of contradiction matrix to solve the bottle techniques attained from QFD. By taking the HOQ as its interface the integration between QFD and TRIZ is realized. After conducting quality function development, two outputs can be obtained. They are the technical measure needing improvement and the technical measure that is getting worse while improving the former one. These two measures are taken as inputs of TRIZ module to analyze and solve the problem of product design.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 532-533)

Edited by:

Chengyu Jiang, Geng Liu, Dinghua Zhang and Xipeng Xu




C. D. Lu et al., "Research on Innovative Product Design System Based on QFD and TRIZ", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 532-533, pp. 1144-1147, 2006

Online since:

December 2006





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