Application of an Intelligent Force Controller for Robotic Deburring Process


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To achieve the desired dynamic impedance and the smooth chamfer contour, some adaptive controls and intelligent control schemes are incorporated in the impedance control for uncertain constrained robot systems. Most of them still result in an uneven chamfer for its characteristics in nature as the burrs vary highly. In this paper, an intelligent force controller based on impedance control with a neural network compensator is proposed for the robotic deburring process. The compensator is used to deal with the various burrs by modifying the input command according to the contact force and reference position. The performance of the intelligent force controller is compared with the conventional impedance control. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is testified by simulation experiments of the robotic deburring process.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 532-533)

Edited by:

Chengyu Jiang, Geng Liu, Dinghua Zhang and Xipeng Xu




X. L. Wang et al., "Application of an Intelligent Force Controller for Robotic Deburring Process", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 532-533, pp. 456-459, 2006

Online since:

December 2006




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