Grain Growth Rate in SnO2 Ceramics Doped with Varying Ratios of Nb2O5/CoO


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In this study, aliovalent ions of Nb2O5 and CoO were co-doped in SnO2 with different Nb2O5/CoO ratios and the grain growth rate of SnO2 was examined. The maximum grain growth rate was observed to be around Nb2O5/CoO = 0.25. Here, the results will be discussed in connection with the defect concentration and the change in diffusion rate-determining species with different Nb2O5/CoO ratios.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 534-536)

Edited by:

Duk Yong Yoon, Suk-Joong L. Kang, Kwang Yong Eun and Yong-Seog Kim




D. G. Chang et al., "Grain Growth Rate in SnO2 Ceramics Doped with Varying Ratios of Nb2O5/CoO", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 534-536, pp. 533-536, 2007

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January 2007




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