Pulsed Electric Current Sintering of Nano-Crystalline Iron-Base Powders


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A new process of pulsed electric current sintering was developed. It combines compaction with activated sintering effectively and can manufacture bulky nano-crystalline materials very quickly. Pulsed electric current sintering of high-energy ball-milled nano-crystalline iron-based powders is investigated in this work. A nanostructured steel is obtained with high relative density and hardness by this process. The average grain size of iron matrix is 58nm and the carbide particulate size is less than 100nm. The densification temperature of ball-milled powders is approximately 200°C lower than that of blended powders. When the sintering temperature increases, the density of as-sintered specimen increases but the hardness of as-sintered specimen first increases and then decreases. Microstructure analysis results show that the decrease of hardness is caused by the dramatic grain growth of iron matrix.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 534-536)

Edited by:

Duk Yong Yoon, Suk-Joong L. Kang, Kwang Yong Eun and Yong-Seog Kim




Y. Y. Li et al., "Pulsed Electric Current Sintering of Nano-Crystalline Iron-Base Powders", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 534-536, pp. 589-592, 2007

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January 2007




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