Effect of Carbon-Nanotube Addition on Thermal Stability of Ti-Based Metallic Glass Composites


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The preparation of Ti50Cu28Ni15Sn7 metallic glass composite powders was accomplished by the mechanical alloying of a pure Ti, Cu, Ni, Sn and carbon nanotube (CNT) powder mixture after 8 h milling. In the ball-milled composites, the initial CNT particles were dissolved in the Ti-based alloy glassy matrix. The thermal stability of the amorphous matrix is affected by the presence of the CNT particles. Changes in Tg and Tx suggest deviations in the chemical composition of the glassy matrix due to a partial dissolution of the CNT species in the amorphous phase. The bulk metallic glass composite was successfully prepared by vacuum hot pressing the as-milled CNT/ Ti50Cu28Ni15Sn7 metallic glass composite powders. A significant hardness increase with the CNT additions was observed for the consolidated composite compacts.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 534-536)

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Duk Yong Yoon, Suk-Joong L. Kang, Kwang Yong Eun and Yong-Seog Kim




C. F. Hsu and P. Y. Lee, "Effect of Carbon-Nanotube Addition on Thermal Stability of Ti-Based Metallic Glass Composites", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 534-536, pp. 865-868, 2007

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January 2007




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