Study on the Production of Metal Matrix Composite Layer by Laser Melt Injection Technology


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In-situ synthesized Al2O3 reinforced metal-ceramic composite coating was fabricated on lowalloyed carbon steel surface by laser cladding. Injection of the ceramic powder into the melted surface can be difficult due to the effect of surface tension and to the lower density of the Al2O3 particles, compared to that of the steel matrix. These difficulties can be avoided by the in-situ synthesis of Al2O3 particles in the liquid steel matrix. In this paper, the results of experiments performed by laser beam will be introduced, together with the interpretation of these results. Experiments proved that the Al2O3 ceramic phase can be created in-situ in the steel matrix.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 537-538)

Edited by:

J. Gyulai and P.J. Szabó




V. Janó, "Study on the Production of Metal Matrix Composite Layer by Laser Melt Injection Technology", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 537-538, pp. 177-184, 2007

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February 2007





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