Controlling the Thickness Uniformity in Equal Channel Angular Rolling (ECAR)


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As the surface friction between feeding rolls and metal sheet generates the feeding power of ECAR, the generated feeding power is low, and the friction between the metal sheet and ECAR die should be minimized. However, for obtaining a large shear deformation by ECAR, the metal sheet should be tightly contacted with the wall of ECAR die. In this condition, the thickness of the metal sheet is continuously increased during ECAR. A new ECAR apparatus is developed for maximizing the shear deformation and obtaining sheet thickness uniformity, and succeeding continuous ECAR with such a limited feeding power. By controlling the outlet gap of the ECAR die with elastic unit, the thickness of the metal sheet is kept uniform. Detailed thickness control mechanism during the new ECAR process is analyzed. A sheet of Al 6063 alloy that is 1-pass deformed with the new ECAR apparatus shows below ±0.037 mm of thickness variation and 0.61 of shear strain.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 539-543)

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T. Chandra, K. Tsuzaki, M. Militzer , C. Ravindran




Y. H. Chung et al., "Controlling the Thickness Uniformity in Equal Channel Angular Rolling (ECAR)", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 539-543, pp. 2872-2877, 2007

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March 2007




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