Study of the Development of Heterogeneous Grain Size in the Through-Thickness Direction of Hot Rolled ELC Steels


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The present study aims to investigate the mechanism of the development of abnormal grain sizes in the through-thickness direction of hot rolled steel strips. For this purpose, industrially prepared steel strips were further hot rolled in a laboratory hot rolling mill, setting a variety of rolling parameters. As found, the deformation rate in the hot rolling practice exerts an important role in explaining the mechanism of abnormal grain growth, especially in the close vicinity of the strip surface. Furthermore, the influence of the cooling penetration depth, induced by the roll contact was examined closely, as this phenomenon might support abnormal grain growth mechanisms. Additional information was found in performing a texture analysis in the throughthickness direction of the steel strips, in accordance with the optical metallurgical survey of the microstructures. It will be shown that, the combination of particular hot rolling parameters provokes the occurrence of abnormal grain growth in the through-thickness direction of the ELC steel strips. These particular conditions were considered to be related to the finish hot rolling temperature and thus the roll cooling penetration depth imposed on the steel strip, the finishing reduction degree and especially the strain rate conditions. Moreover, the observed abnormal grain growth is sensitive to the coiling temperature applied. From the experiments, it can be concluded that the mechanism of the formation of a large grained ferrite band below the strip surface is strongly influenced by the development of a fine-grain ferrite layer at some distance below the strip surface. The existence of this layer of very small ferrite grains can be explained on the basis of texture analysis and calculations based on literature data. In this way, it was considered that dynamic recrystallisation of austenite at some depth below the steel strip surface is of most significance in supporting the development of abnormally large ferrite grains. In this paper, further considerations on the mechanism of the abnormal grain growth phenomenon will be dealt with.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 539-543)

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T. Chandra, K. Tsuzaki, M. Militzer , C. Ravindran




F. Leysen et al., "Study of the Development of Heterogeneous Grain Size in the Through-Thickness Direction of Hot Rolled ELC Steels", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 539-543, pp. 4220-4225, 2007

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March 2007




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