Bi-Axial Stretchable Electrode Based on the Thin PDMS Substrate for the Biomedical Applications


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PDMS(polydimethylsiloxane) is a flexible and biocompatible material and is widely used in bio- or medical-related fields. In this paper, we have developed the soft electrode to be stretchable bi-axially by using tissue-like soft material (PDMS). We have established the simple method to deposit the metal layer on the PDMS layer to be stretchable bi-axially and we have evaluated the electrical property according to the application of bi-directional stresses. This stretchable electrode can be extensively utilized in biomedical fields such as implantable electrode and wire at the flexion region or artificial skin.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 544-545)

Edited by:

Hyungsun Kim, Junichi Hojo and Soo Wohn Lee




J. Y. Baek et al., "Bi-Axial Stretchable Electrode Based on the Thin PDMS Substrate for the Biomedical Applications", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 544-545, pp. 665-668, 2007

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May 2007




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