Properties of Sol-Gel Coating Film from Colloidal Silica-Silane Sol


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Two kinds of colloidal silica(CS)/silane sol solutions were prepared. Two sol solutions are involved with the kinds of silane such as methyltrimethoxysilane(MTMS) and  -Glycidoxypropyl trimethoxysilane(ETMS) using LS CS. MTMS was added to two sol solutions. Whether ETMS was added or not, two kinds of sol solutions were synthesized. Using two kinds of sol solutions, sol-gel coating films were formed on glass substrates via dip-coating process. Here, seasoning effect of for enhancing properties of sol-gel coating layer on glass was investigated while such sol-gel solutions were left for 7days. Also, their properties such as surface free energy, roughness, thermal property, potential hardness and elastic portion were characterized in order to understand the effect of addition of ETMS. In this case of LS/MTMS sol, the coating film had low surface free energy and more enhanced flat surface than that of the case of LS/MTMS/ETMS sol. ETMS forms hydrophilic hydroxyl group in sol solution, then surface free energy of LS/MTMS/ETMS coating film increased. In the beginning of reaction sol solution seemed to be unstable, but 4days later their coating film properties such as surface free energy and roughness enhanced. The elastic portion of coating films obtained from LS/MTMS/ETMS sol increased with addition of ETMS, but thermal stability decreased.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 544-545)

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Hyungsun Kim, Junichi Hojo and Soo Wohn Lee




M. K. Na et al., "Properties of Sol-Gel Coating Film from Colloidal Silica-Silane Sol", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 544-545, pp. 813-816, 2007

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May 2007