Microstructure Simulation of Die Casting AZ91D Alloy


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Physical and mathematical models of microstructure evolution during the solidification process of die casting AZ91D alloy were investigated in this paper. Coupled with solute concentration, a modified three-dimensional cellular automaton (CA) model was proposed. Considering the solute enrichment and the formation of eutectic microstructure, these models can reproduce the whole microstructure evolution process of Mg alloy, from the formation of primary phase to the eutectic transformation. The microstructure of the AZ91D alloy cylinder head cover die casting was simulated with the proposed models. The simulated results are in agreement with the experimental.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 546-549)

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Yafang Han et al.




Z.Y. Liu et al., "Microstructure Simulation of Die Casting AZ91D Alloy", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 546-549, pp. 109-112, 2007

Online since:

May 2007




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