Optimizing Solution Heat Treatment to Improve Mechanical Properties of Al Alloy 7055


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The influence of one- and two- stage solution heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy 7055 was investigated. The results showed that in the case of one-stage solution heat treatment in the range of 450 °C to 470 °C, the strength increased while the ductility decreased with temperature. Further increasing temperature led to more dissolution of soluble constituents but a large amount of recrystallization, therefore, the strength decreased while ductility increased. The two-stage solution heat treatment, which included first stage of low-temperature-long-duration and second stage of high-temperature-short-duration heating was suggested for improvement of mechanical properties.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 546-549)

Edited by:

Yafang Han et al.




J.H. You et al., "Optimizing Solution Heat Treatment to Improve Mechanical Properties of Al Alloy 7055", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 546-549, pp. 877-880, 2007

Online since:

May 2007




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