Study of Grain Growth Kinetics in Submicrocrystalline Armco-Iron


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The paper is devoted to the problem of thermal stability of ultra-fine grained (submicrocrystalline) materials prepared by severe plastic deformation. A basis of the paper lies in a fact that there is practically no grain growth in submicrocrystalline materials when annealing temperature is less than 0.35Tm. Reasons of high thermal stability of submicrocrystalline materials at low temperatures are widely discussed in literature. One of them is the affect of triple junction drag on grain boundaries motion. During annealing at a low temperature triple junction drag controls microstructure evolution in submicrocrystalline materials, and this phenomenon can be used to improve their thermal stability at high temperatures. The aim of this paper is to investigate grain growth kinetics in a two-step regime, low temperature and high temperature annealing. The experiments on grain growth were performed in submicrocrystalline Armco-iron fabricated by high pressure torsion. It is established that long-time low temperature pre-annealing reduces the grain growth rate in following high temperature annealing by a factor greater than two.



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P. B. Prangnell and P. S. Bate




A.N. Aleshin et al., "Study of Grain Growth Kinetics in Submicrocrystalline Armco-Iron", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 550, pp. 465-470, 2007

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July 2007




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