Mechanism of Texture Evolution during Primary Recrystallisation and Grain Growth in a Zr-2Hf Alloy


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The evolution of crystallographic texture in a Zr-2Hf alloy has been investigated during deformation, primary recrystallisation and normal grain growth. The as-deformed states (50-90% deformation) are characterized by a major tilted {0001}<1010> texture component and this component is reinforced with increasing deformation. A decrease in the intensity of the tilted {0001}<10 10> component and a continuous increase in the intensity of the tilted {0001}<1120 > component take place during primary recrystallisation. Normal grain growth is associated with the coarsening of grains with the {0001}<1120 > orientation. This texture evolution is interpreted on the basis of the evaluation of the stored energy and the consideration of specific grain boundaries with low energy and/or high mobility.



Edited by:

P. B. Prangnell and P. S. Bate




K. Zhu et al., "Mechanism of Texture Evolution during Primary Recrystallisation and Grain Growth in a Zr-2Hf Alloy", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 550, pp. 545-550, 2007

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July 2007




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