Modelling the Influence of Cementite on Static Recrystallisation in Cold-Rolled Low-Carbon Steels


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In this work the prominent influence of Particle Stimulated Nucleation (PSN) on the overall process of nucleation and subsequent grain growth is discussed and a global recrystallisation kinetics model is proposed. This model accounts for the effect of the most relevant industrial parameters, such as cold reduction and annealing temperature. Moreover, not only the role of the cementite content, which is function of the nominal carbon content, is included in the model, but also the morphology of the second phase particles. Experimental evidence is given to ascertain the accuracy of the theoretical predictions.



Edited by:

P. B. Prangnell and P. S. Bate




C. Capdevila et al., "Modelling the Influence of Cementite on Static Recrystallisation in Cold-Rolled Low-Carbon Steels", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 550, pp. 595-600, 2007

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July 2007




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