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Authors: C. Prentice, C.M. Sellars
Abstract:Plane strain compression tests have been carried out on Ti stabilised interstitial free steel at 700oC with constant and changing strain...
Authors: Paul van Houtte, Albert Van Bael, Marc Seefeldt
Abstract:Finite element models for metal forming and models for the prediction of forming limit strains should be as accurate as possible, and hence...
Authors: Olaf Engler
Abstract:Computer-based alloy and process development requires integration of models for simulating the evolution of microstructure, microchemistry...
Authors: Valerie Randle, Mark Coleman, Gregory Owen
Abstract:Iterative processing, involving sequential deformation and annealing, has been carried out on copper specimens with the aim of grain...
Authors: Joseph D. Robson, Philip B. Prangnell, Brian J. McKay, Chris P. Heason
Abstract:A combined model is presented that predicts the non-uniform distribution of Al3X dispersoid particles in commercial aluminium alloys...
Authors: Michael Ferry, Wan Qiang Xu, Nora Mateescu, Julie M. Cairney, John F. Humphreys
Abstract:A typical dual-beam platform combines a focussed ion beam (FIB) microscope with a field emission gun scanning electron microscope (FEGSEM)....
Authors: R.D. Knutsen
Abstract:The surface ridging behaviour during tensile straining has been characterised for two ferritic stainless steels possessing different...
Authors: J. Gil Sevillano, D. González, J.M. Martínez-Esnaola
Abstract:BCC wires macroscopically deformed by axisymmetric elongation (wire drawing) develop an intense <011> fibre texture and exhibit a...
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