Fundamentals of Deformation and Annealing

Volume 550

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C. Schäfer, Mischa Crumbach, Günter Gottstein

Abstract: The predictions from a grain cluster deformation texture model, GIA, are utilized to study the nucleation texture of recrystallisation of...

Authors: M.R. Drury, G.M. Pennock

Abstract: Subgrain rotation is a common mechanism of continuous dynamic recrystallization in minerals and some metals. The mechanism involves new...

Authors: L.M. Brown

Abstract: Humphreys’ simple construction to aid understanding of the patterns of rotational plastic flow observed near undeformable particles in a...

Authors: Cheng Liu, Johnson Go, Willam S. Miller, Menno van der Winden
Authors: S. Lee Semiatin, Donald S. Weaver, Robert L. Goetz, J.P. Thomas, Todd J. Turner
Authors: Pete S. Bate, Ian Brough, S. Morse

Abstract: Tensile tests have been carried out in the rolling and transverse directions of 'interstitialfree' (IF) steel cold rolled to a strain of...

Authors: W. Bevis Hutchinson, Bradley P. Wynne

Abstract: Possible effects of stress on the movement of grain boundaries and phase boundaries are considered in terms of available driving forces and...

Authors: Philip B. Prangnell, Yan Huang, M. Berta, P.J. Apps
Authors: Niels Hansen

Abstract: Deformation of metals from medium to high strain significantly affect the deformation structure as well as the recovery and...

Authors: S. Ringeval, Julian H. Driver

Abstract: The development of deformation substructure and texture has been studied up to large plastic strains in some simple Al base alloys by...


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