Gas Pressure Forming of Amorphous Fe78Si9B13 Alloy


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The deformation behavior of gas pressure forming of amorphous Fe78Si9B13 alloy was investigated under equibiaxial tension. The gas pressure forming was carried out in the temperature range of 430°C~530°C below the crystallization temperature Tx and die apertures of 5mm~10mm. The dome height and amorphous ribbon thickness of deformed specimens at the pole was measured. It was found that amorphous Fe78Si9B13 alloy had exhibited good plasticity in the experimental temperature range. The near-semisphere specimens of the radius 5mm and the height 4.5mm were obtained from the gas-pressure forming at 450°C and 530°C for 30min, which is similar to the superplastic forming.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 551-552)

Edited by:

K.F. Zhang




X. F. Li et al., "Gas Pressure Forming of Amorphous Fe78Si9B13 Alloy", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 551-552, pp. 575-580, 2007

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July 2007




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