Low Temperature Superplasticity and Intragranular Misorientation in Severely Rolled Sheets of Al-4.5%Mg-0.7%Mn Based Alloys


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Severely rolled sheets of Al-4.5%Mg-0.7%Mn based alloys have been prepared to achieve grain refinement leading to low temperature superplasticity. Rolling is one of straining technique which has a high possibility of industrial application. The alloys used were T1: base one adding 0.08%Zr and 0.05Ti for suppression of grain growth, F1: 0.80%Fe addition and F2: 1.92%Fe addition to increase nucleation sites of recrystallization. For comparison, M1: Al-4.2%Mg was also prepared. All of samples were 99.8% cold rolled to thin sheet 0.1mm thick. The maximum elongation of 150%, which was markedly large in consideration of specimen thickness of 0.1mm, was obtained at 533K and 1.4×10-3s-1 for T1 sample while the elongations for F1 and F2 showed less than 100%. On the other hand, M1 exhibited larger elongation of 190% at 533K and 1.4×10-3s-1. Further, difference in superplastic deformation of these alloys was investigated by using SEM/ EBSP analysis of intragranular misorientation, which reflects strain or stored energy generated during deformation with dislocation glide, to discuss the deformation mechanism.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 551-552)

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K.F. Zhang




Y. Takayama et al., "Low Temperature Superplasticity and Intragranular Misorientation in Severely Rolled Sheets of Al-4.5%Mg-0.7%Mn Based Alloys", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 551-552, pp. 601-606, 2007

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July 2007




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