Diffusion in Solids and Liquids II, DSL-2006 II

Volume 553

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.553

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Authors: Isaac Arellano, Gabriel Plascencia, Elías Carrillo, Miguel A. Barrón, Adolfo Sánchez, Juliana Gutiérrez

Abstract: In this paper we propose the design of a novel induction furnace for glass melting. The design is based on a mathematical analysis and...

Authors: Gabriel Plascencia, Torstein A. Utigard, Juliana Gutiérrez, David Jaramillo, Vicente Mayagoitia, Marcello L. Hernández-Pichardo

Abstract: A three dimensional numerical heat transfer model has been developed to estimate the heat flux trough furnace side walls protected with...

Authors: Marina Dubatovskaya, Sergei Rogosin

Abstract: We consider steady potential heat conduction of a cylindrical composite material with the special geometry. The matrix is modelling by the...

Authors: Sergei Rogosin, Tatsyana Vaitekhovich

Abstract: Melting/freezing process with two dendrits (or freeze “pipes”) is modelled by the complex Hele-Shaw moving boundary value problem in a...

Authors: César A.C. Sequeira

Abstract: In the history of electrode processes, intermediates are of extraordinary interest. In the lecture which follows, the most common types of...

Authors: M. Ghazinejad, Ali Shokuhfar

Abstract: In this paper the effect of stress induced phase transformation on the vibration response of SMA structures has been studied. To this end,...

Authors: Antonio C.M. Sousa, Fangming Jiang

Abstract: Heat and mass transfer and fluid flow in porous media are usually characterized by, or associated with, the effective thermal conductivity,...

Authors: Matej Vesenjak, Andreas Öchsner, Zoran Ren

Abstract: In this paper the behavior of hexagonal honeycombs under dynamic in-plane loading is described. Additionally, the presence and influence of...

Authors: Matej Vesenjak, Andreas Öchsner, Zoran Ren

Abstract: The study describes the behavior of regular closed-cell cellular structure with gaseous fillers under impact conditions and consequent...

Authors: Matej Vesenjak, Zoran Žunič, Andreas Öchsner, Zoran Ren

Abstract: The paper describes the post-impact thermal conduction of regular closed-cell cellular structure with gaseous fillers due to the dynamic...


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