Role of α-SiAlON Nuclei Addition on the Rod-Like Y-Sm α-SiAlON Formation


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In this study, effect of seed addition on the microstructural development of Y-Sm α-SiAlON system has been investigated. Besides using pre-produced rod-like α-SiAlON seeds, growth in the glassy phase and harvested by chemical treatment, powdered Y-Sm/α-SiAlON was also used as nuclei. Microstructural results of both systems were compared with un-seeded samples. It was found that the powdered α-SiAlON addition has also caused the acicular α-SiAlON grain formation, which indicates the dominant effect of thermodynamic stability on the preferential growth of α-SiAlON grains in the c direction.



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Hasan Mandal




S.R. Kushan et al., "Role of α-SiAlON Nuclei Addition on the Rod-Like Y-Sm α-SiAlON Formation", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 554, pp. 101-106, 2007

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August 2007




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