Nitrides and Oxynitrides III

Volume 554

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Derek P. Thompson

Abstract: Research in nitrides and oxynitrides has experienced a significant downturn during the last 10 years – perhaps because there have been...

Authors: Stuart Hampshire, Michael J. Pomeroy

Abstract: Oxynitride glasses are found at grain boundaries, i.e. triple point junctions and intergranular films, in silicon nitride based materials...

Authors: Amir R. Hanifi, Annaik Genson, Michael J. Pomeroy, Stuart Hampshire

Abstract: Ca-Sialon glasses have been known for some time [1] and they are effectively calciumalumino- silicate glasses containing nitrogen which...

Authors: Wynette Redington, Murt Redington, Stuart Hampshire

Abstract: Rapid cooling rates and quenching have traditionally been associated with glass formation. Hampshire et al. [1] investigated oxynitride...

Authors: Annaik Genson, Amir R. Hanifi, A.Vande Put, Michael J. Pomeroy, Stuart Hampshire

Abstract: The preparation of bulk glasses in Ca-Si-Al-O-N-F system with the composition in equivalent % of...

Authors: M. Hasni, J. Rouchaud, P. Grange, M. Devillers, S. Delsarte

Abstract: Nitridation of amorphous aluminium phosphate (AlPO4) and mixed aluminium gallium phosphate (Al0.5Ga0.5PO4) under ammonia flow allows...

Authors: Junichi Takahashi, M. Shimada, H. Yamane

Abstract: Oxygen/nitrogen (O/N) configuration in RE-J-phase, RE4Si2O7N2 (RE = rare earth element), was simulated by the Monte Carlo method applied to...

Authors: Derek P. Thompson

Abstract: A frequent criticism of nitride materials during the last 30 years, and especially those designed for structural applications has been that...

Authors: Malgorzata Sopicka-Lizer, Marta Tańcula, Tomasz Pawlik, V Kochnev, E. Fokina

Abstract: Nano-structured β-sialon precursor powders were obtained as a result of milling in a planetary mill with a high acceleration. Various...

Authors: M. Nagai, H. Nakaya

Abstract: The synthesis and deposition behavior of tungsten nitrides on a Si(400) or quartz plate were studied using a vertical hot-wall tube...


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