Research Trends in Contemporary Materials Science

Volume 555

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Osamu Umezawa, Kohmei Halada, Yoshikazu Shinohara

Abstract: The concept of environmental conscious materials, ecomaterials, is reviewed. It has dispersed and recognized in the world as contributing...

Authors: D. Sarkar, J.M. Calleja, H.P. van der Meulen, J.M. Becker, R.J. Haug, Klaus Pierz
Authors: E.F. Sheka

Abstract: A unified theoretical and/or computational odd-electrons approach is suggested for molecules, surfaces and magnetic solids making possible...

Authors: F. Borsetto, B. Kosmala, T.G. Fitzgerald, Matthew T. Shaw, J. Patterson, P. Rapposelli, J.M. O´Callaghan, J.D. Holmes, Michael A. Morris

Abstract: Polystyrene-polymethylmethacrylate (PS-PMMA) block copolymers are well known to exhibit microphase separation to form a series of regular...

Authors: M. Novaković, M. Popović, D. Peruško, I. Radović, V. Milinović, M. Milosavljević

Abstract: We present a study of the micro-structural changes induced in Cr-N layers by irradiation with argon ions. The layers were deposited by...

Authors: J. Radovanović, V. Milanović, Z. Ikonić, D. Indjin

Abstract: In this paper we have analyzed the possibility of enhancing spin-polarization performance of conventional nonmagnetic semiconductor...


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