Photophysics of Fullerene-Doped Nanostructures: Optical Limiting, Hologram Recording and Switching of Laser Beam


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The fullerene-doping effect on spectral, nonlinear optical properties, and dynamic parameters of conjugated organic systems based on pyridine, polyimide, polyaniline, polyvinyl alcohol, liquid crystal, etc. has been studied. Introduction of fullerenes into these materials has been made due to their high electron affinity that allows intermolecular donor-acceptor interaction to be reinforced. The new charge transfer complex provokes new nanostructures potentials such as nonlinear transmission, laser-induced change in the refractive index, self-organization. The application of studied nanostructures in laser and display techniques, and medicine has been discussed.



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Dragan P. Uskoković, Slobodan K. Milonjić and Dejan I. Raković




N. V. Kamanina, "Photophysics of Fullerene-Doped Nanostructures: Optical Limiting, Hologram Recording and Switching of Laser Beam", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 555, pp. 363-369, 2007

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September 2007




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