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Authors: Jelena Dukić, Snezana Bošković, B. Matović, B. Dimčić, Lj. Karanović
Abstract:Two nanopowders with nominal compositions (Ca0.7La0.3)MnO3 (CLM) and (Ca0.7La0.3)(Mn0.8Ce0.2)O3 (CLMC) were synthesized by a modified...
Authors: Katarina Djuriš, G. Branković, Z. Branković, Slavko Bernik, M. Počuča, D. Poleti, B. Antić
Abstract:In this work pure and doped LMO were prepared using modified Pechini method from lanthanum and manganese citrates. Lanthanum citrate was...
Authors: Z.Ž. Lazarević, N.Ž Romčević, M.J. Romčević, B.D. Stojanović
Abstract:Bismuth titanate is a typical layer-structured ferroelectric material and belongs to the Aurivilius type-structure compounds family. A...
Authors: S. Marković, M. Mitrić, Č. Jovalekić, M. Miljković
Abstract:Multilayered BaTi1-xSnxO3 (BTS) ceramics with different Ti/Sn ratios were produced by pressing and sintering at 1420 oC for 2 hours. X-ray...
Authors: Dj. Kosanović, Lj. Milovanović, S. Milovanović, A. Šaponjić
Abstract:Boron carbide powder was synthesized by sol-gel polycondensation of boric acid with citric acid. The starting materials of Serbian origin...
Authors: A. Devečerski, A. Radosavljević-Mihajlović, A. Egelja, M. Pošarac, B. Matović
Abstract:The objective of this manuscript was to investigate the synthesis of SiC by carbothermal– reduction reactions of sepiolite. Sepiolite of...
Authors: Lj. Vulićević, N. Ivanović, N. Popović, V. Kusigerski, Milesa Srećković, Ž. Tomić, S. Vardić
Abstract:The investigated nanometric magnetite powders were synthesized electrochemically, and examined by XRD and SEM techniques. Their reduction...
Authors: Ana Čeliković, Ljiljana Kandić, M. Zdujić, Dragan P. Uskokovic
Abstract:The ZnO and ZrO2 powders were prepared by mechanochemical processing and subsequent heat treatment of the starting powder of precursors...
Authors: Marija Jevtić, Dragan P. Uskokovic
Abstract:The main purpose of the present work was to investigate the influence of urea concentration on hydroxyapatite (HAp) synthesis. Calcium...
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