Research Trends in Contemporary Materials Science

Volume 555

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: D. Stojanović, P. S. Uskoković, I. Balać, V.J. Radojević, R. Aleksić

Abstract: Composites with nano-SiO2 particles and high density polyethylene (HDPE) matrix were produced by hot pressing with various particle...

Authors: V.V. Antić, M.P. Antić, M.N. Govedarica, P.R. Dvornić

Abstract: Poly(methylhydrosiloxane) [PMHS], prepared by siloxane equilibration reaction, was used for the hydrosilylation with 1-decene to obtain...

Authors: J. Budinski-Simendić, M. Ilavsky, Jan Šomvarsky, M. Špírková, Lj. Korugić-Karasz, R. Radičević, T. Dikić, K. Dušek

Abstract: The aim of this contribution was to study the rubber elasticity of dry and swollen networks obtained by cyclotrimerization crosslinking...

Authors: Dejan Miličević, S. Trifunović, N. Ignjatović, E. Suljovrujić

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite/poly L-lactide (HAp/PLLA) is a composite biomaterial which has been widely utilized for substitution and reparation of the...

Authors: B. Marjanović, G. Ćirić-Marjanović, A. Radulović, I. Juranić, P. Holler

Abstract: New functional polymeric, semiconducting materials were synthesized by chemical oxidative polymerization of acriflavine hydrochloride in...

Authors: I. Radisavljević, D. Marjanović, N. Novaković, N. Ivanović

Abstract: Effects induced by uniaxial compression and external electric field in P2P to P6P oligophenylene molecules are investigated by versatile...

Authors: M.V. Gordić, I.M. Djordjević, D.R. Sekulić, Z.S. Petrović, M.M. Stevanović

Abstract: The paper reports on an experimental study of the Mode I interlaminar fracture of unidirectional carbon fibers/epoxy resin composites. Mode...

Authors: N. Mitrović, B. Čukić, Branka Jordović, Stefan Roth, M. Stoica

Abstract: The rods of Fe-based bulk metallic glasses with the nominal composition Fe65.5Cr4Mo4Ga4P12C5B5.5 were cast by melt injection into 1.5 and...

Authors: V. Ćosović, A. Grujić, J. Stajić-Trošić, V. Spasojević, N. Talijan

Abstract: Phase transformations and magnetic properties of multiphase Nd4.3Fe76.2B19.5 alloy were investigated in the temperature range of heat...

Authors: Aleksandra Kalezić-Glišović, N. Mitrović, A. Maričić, R. Simeunović

Abstract: The magnetoimpedance (MI) effect in magnetically soft Fe89.8Ni1.5Si5.2B3C0.5 metallic glass ribbons is studied in this paper. As soft...


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