Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2006

Volumes 556-557

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Thomas L. Straubinger, Michael Rasp, Erwin Schmitt, Arnd Dietrich Weber

Abstract: For several years the major focus of material issues in SiC substrates was laid on the reduction of macroscopic defects like polytype...

Authors: Jung Doo Seo, Joon Ho An, Jung Gon Kim, Jung Kyu Kim, Myung Ok Kyun, Won Jae Lee, Il Soo Kim, Byoung Chul Shin, Kap Ryeol Ku

Abstract: SiC single crystal ingots were prepared onto different seed material using sublimation PVT techniques and then their crystal quality was...

Authors: Yeon Suk Jang, Sakwe Aloysius Sakwe, Peter J. Wellmann, Sandrine Juillaguet, Hervé Peyre, Jean Camassel, John W. Steeds

Abstract: We have carried out the growth and basic characterization of isotopically enriched 4HSi 13C crystals. In recent years the growth of 13C...

Authors: Octavian Filip, Boris M. Epelbaum, Matthias Bickermann, Albrecht Winnacker

Abstract: New results on bulk growth of 6H-SiC crystals along the [01-15] direction are presented. The aim of our work is to improve the quality of...

Authors: D. Siche, M. Albrecht, H. J. Rost, Andreas Sendzik

Abstract: C-plane substrates with off-orientation to <1120 > may stabilize the grown polytype, but the stacking fault density (SFD) increases from...

Authors: Jung Gon Kim, Joon Ho An, Jung Doo Seo, Jung Kyu Kim, Myung Ok Kyun, Won Jae Lee, Il Soo Kim, Byoung Chul Shin, Kap Ryeol Ku

Abstract: We investigated the effects of hydrogen addition to the growth process of SiC single crystal using sublimation physical vapor transport...

Authors: Jessica Eid, Jean Louis Santailler, Bernard Ferrand, Guy Rolland, Michel Burdin, R. Lewandowska, Jean Camassel

Abstract: We report the effect of changing the growth conditions in the case of bulk 3C-SiC crystals grown by the Travelling Zone Method when the...

Authors: Tsunenobu Kimoto, Katsunori Danno, T. Hori, Hiroyuki Matsunami

Abstract: Homoepitaxial growth of 4H-SiC and characterization of deep levels obtained mainly in the authors’ group have been reviewed. The growth...

Authors: Gabriel Ferro, Maher Soueidan, Olivier Kim-Hak, François Cauwet, Yves Monteil

Abstract: Growing good quality SiC epitaxial layers at temperature lower than 1400°C is a challenging problem which could help reducing the costs,...

Authors: Anne Henry, Jawad ul Hassan, Henrik Pedersen, Franziska Christine Beyer, Peder Bergman, Sven Andersson, Erik Janzén, Phillippe Godignon

Abstract: Growth of thick epitaxial SiC layers needed for high power devices is presented for horizontal hot-wall CVD (HWCVD) reactors. We...


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