Stacking Fault Energy of Cu-Ga Alloys from First Principles


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The segregation energy of solute Ga in the staking fault in Cu-Ga alloy was calculated from the first principles. Then, we presented numerical results of the stacking fault energy for Cu-Ga alloy using the value of the segregation energy as a input parameter to a expression in the equilibrium state. The numerical results of the stacking fault energy were in good agreement with the experimental values.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 561-565)

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Young Won Chang, Nack J. Kim and Chong Soo Lee




S. Fujita et al., "Stacking Fault Energy of Cu-Ga Alloys from First Principles", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 561-565, pp. 1915-1918, 2007

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October 2007




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