Oxidation Behavior of Ti3SiC2-SiC Ceramic Composites


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The high temperature oxidation behaviors of the Ti3SiC2-SiC ceramic composites fabricated by in situ synthesis under hot isostatic pressing were studied by DSC. The results show that the growth of the oxide scales on Ti3SiC2-SiC ceramic composites obeys a parabolic law in air. The oxidation resistance at 1400°C is better than that at 1200°C for long time. The oxidation resistance of the Ti3SiC2-SiC ceramic composites is much higher than that of monolithic Ti3SiC2. The mechanism of oxidation of Ti3SiC2-SiC ceramic composites is discussed.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 561-565)

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Young Won Chang, Nack J. Kim and Chong Soo Lee




D. G. Zhu and Z. G. Wang, "Oxidation Behavior of Ti3SiC2-SiC Ceramic Composites", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 561-565, pp. 687-691, 2007

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October 2007




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