Collection of Product Synthesized Using Extremely High Impulsive Pressure Generator


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A new method has been developed to generate an extremely high impulsive pressure by using a metal jet that is discharged when a metal collides with another metal. The high pressure is used to synthesize a new material. When a metal plate was accelerated by the detonation of an explosive, it collides with the concentric circle of the conic surface of a conical concave metal block metal jets are discharged from all parts on the concentric circle. The metal jets fly toward the center while converging and collide with each other at the central axis. Because those collide at high-speed pressure becomes extremely high. The flight direction of the converged metal jet changes downward. The metal jet collides with the bottom of the block. A large hole is formed inside the bottom. The formation process of the hole was examined by the observation of the section of the block. A specimen powder that was rubbed to the conic surface is discharged with the metal jet and become the high pressure. The specimen powder is synthesized to a different material. The synthesized material is held inside the formed hole. The existence of cBN was confirmed by the X-ray diffraction of the synthesized material, in the case that BN was used as the specimen powder. Similarly, the existence of diamond was confirmed in the case of graphite powder.



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S. Itoh and K. Hokamoto




A. Kira et al., "Collection of Product Synthesized Using Extremely High Impulsive Pressure Generator", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 566, pp. 315-320, 2008

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November 2007




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