Shock Compaction of WC-Co Powder in Metallic Tube


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The tungsten carbide - cobalt, (WC-Co) powder is compacted and bonded to on a stainless steel (SUS304) rod by using explosives. In this research, the experiments are conducted using two methods. They are the method of making the pressure of the explosive act directly on the powder and the method of explosively driving a metal pipe with high speed to create high pressure acting on powder. Crack free bulk material was recovered. Heat-treatment was performed on the recovered sample. After heat treatment, the value of hardness was increased compared with commercial material.



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S. Itoh and K. Hokamoto




S. Tanaka et al., "Shock Compaction of WC-Co Powder in Metallic Tube", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 566, pp. 333-338, 2008

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November 2007




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