The Industrial Applications of Underwater Shock Wave


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The industrial applications of under shock wave have been investigated in our center. This paper concerns with the improvement of foods and wood using underwater shock wave. Underwater shock wave is easily generated by means of explosion of explosives or high voltage electric discharge in water. A detonating fuse and an electric detonator were used for generation of underwater shock wave, and apples were used as food sample for food processing experiments. The behavior of underwater shock wave was investigated by optical observations. The extraction and the amount of phenolic compounds in apple juice obtained from the shock treated sample were higher than that of control samples. It is considered that the underwater shock wave treatment for apples has a big possibility in food processing. The results of coffee bean and other food processing by underwater shock wave were presented at the conference. Moreover the properties of wood were well improved by shock loading. The resistance of wood has been improved significantly.



Edited by:

S. Itoh and K. Hokamoto




S. Itoh, "The Industrial Applications of Underwater Shock Wave ", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 566, pp. 361-372, 2008

Online since:

November 2007





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