Explosion, Shock Wave and Hypervelocity Phenomena in Materials II

Volume 566

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.566

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Authors: Eugene I. Vasilev, Tov Elperin, Gabi Ben-Dor

Abstract: Numerous experimental investigations on the reflection of plane shock waves over straight wedges indicated that there is a domain,...

Authors: I. da S. Rego, K.N. Sato, S. Kugimiya, T. Aoki, Y. Miyoshi, T. Ando, K. Goto, M. Sakamoto

Abstract: This paper reports on the design and performance of a large diameter diaphragmless shock tube that has been recently developed in order to...

Authors: Shiro Kubota, Yuji Ogata, Yuji Wada, Tei Saburi, Kunihito Nagayama

Abstract: The behaviors of the high explosive near the critical conditions for shock initiation of detonation are investigated by high speed...

Authors: A.B. Gojani, Kazuyoshi Takayama

Abstract: Shock waves are indispensable tools for medical applications, and hence their interactions with human tissue become one of the most...

Authors: Ganda M. Simangunsong, Shiro Kubota, Tei Saburi, Katsumi Katoh, S. Yoshino, Yuji Wada, Yuji Ogata

Abstract: To design a cylindrically-shape explosion container, the experiment of a high explosive charge detonating in a steel pipe has been...

Authors: Tei Saburi, Shiro Kubota, Masatake Yoshida, Ganda M. Simangunsong, Yuji Wada, Yuji Ogata

Abstract: This paper presents the design of a compact size projectile accelerator, and its application. To meet the various needs such as a compact...

Authors: Hideki Hamashima, Akinori Osada, Shigeru Itoh, Yukio Kato

Abstract: Some liquid explosives have two different detonation behaviors: high velocity detonation (HVD) or low velocity detonation (LVD). The...

Authors: Motonao Nakahara, Kunihito Nagayama, Takashi Kajiwara, Takashi Nishiyama
Authors: Zoran Ren, Matej Vesenjak, Andreas Öchsner

Abstract: New multiphysical computational models for simulation of regular open and closed-cell cellular structures behaviour under compressive...

Authors: Katsumi Tanaka

Abstract: A particular characteristic of an explosively produced weld is that the profile of the weld interface often has a regular wavy appearance....


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