Explosion, Shock Wave and Hypervelocity Phenomena in Materials II

Volume 566

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.566

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Authors: Kazuyoshi Tateyama, Shigeru Itoh, Hironori Maehara

Abstract: In cases where a borehole has been dug in the ground and subjected to an explosive load, the soil around the borehole wall will be abruptly...

Authors: Kazuhito Fujiwara, Tetsuyuki Hiroe, Hidehiro Hata, Motoyasu Furukawa

Abstract: The thermal sterilization is limited to use for fungi and bacteria in some kinds of dry powdered foods because of the heat sensitivity of...

Authors: Asuka Oda, Naoki Okamoto, Shigeru Itoh

Abstract: When an explosive in water is exploded, shock wave from the explosive propagates in water as underwater shock wave. Using a detonating fuse...

Authors: Ayumi Takemoto, Toshiaki Watanabe, Hirofumi Iyama, Shigeru Itoh

Abstract: The sessile organism of the oyster and the barnacle, etc. causes friction between the surface of the ship and the water. Friction causes...

Authors: Igor A. Balagansky, Alexander Matrosov, Ivan Stadnichenko, A.I. Glumov, A.V. Samsonov

Abstract: We have investigated the influence of fluoroplastic, copper, and silicon carbide inert inserts on the process of detonation transmission...

Authors: Satoshi Kimura, Hidehiro Hata, Tetsuyuki Hiroe, Kazuhito Fujiwara, Hideaki Kusano

Abstract: In this study, an explosion combustion phenomenon of ammonium nitrate (ρ=1.7kg/cm3) was used instead of the explosive PETN and the...

Authors: Masaharu Fujiwara, Kazuhito Fujiwara, Tetsuyuki Hiroe, Hidehiro Hata

Abstract: High explosives are useful material to generate great amount of energy in short time. Since controlling their releasing energy is hard, the...

Authors: Masahiko Otsuka, Naoki Okamoto, Shigeru Itoh

Abstract: In this study, the destruction of concrete block using underwater shock wave generated by high current is studied. A metal wire was...

Authors: S. Kawabe, Hidetoshi Sakamoto, Masahiro Himeno, T. Ono, Shigeru Itoh

Abstract: The high-speed fracture mechanism of glass bottles by using underwater shockwave and the recycling process by crushing the glass bottles...

Authors: Tetsuyuki Hiroe, Kazuhito Fujiwara, Hidehiro Hata, K. Watanabe, Mitsuharu Yamamoto

Abstract: Explosive driven rapid fracture in a structural body will be preceded by a compression process, and the compression effects on mechanical...


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