Explosion, Shock Wave and Hypervelocity Phenomena in Materials II

Volume 566

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.566

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Authors: Toshiaki Watanabe, Hironori Maehara, Shigeru Itoh

Abstract: The aim of this study is to confirm a new technique that can crush ice by underwater shock wave generated by underwater explosion of...

Authors: Sang Sik Lee, Choong Ho Lee, Young Tae Cho

Abstract: Si-Mn spring steel (JIS SUP 9) is primarily employed in the construction of coil springs, particularly those used in soil cultivators...

Authors: Tadashi Hasebe, Yutaka Imaida

Abstract: This paper proposes new impact testing methods applicable to sheet metals both under tension and compression based on widely used split...

Authors: In Young Yang, Yong Jun Yang, Kil Sung Lee, David K. Hsu, Kwang Hee Im

Abstract: Owing to the advantages associated with their very large strength-to-weight and stiffnessto- weight ratios, composite materials are...

Authors: Je Woong Park, In Young Yang, Kwang Hee Im, David K. Hsu, Sung Jin Song, Hak Joon Kim, Young Tae Cho

Abstract: In particular, CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastics) composite materials have found wide applicability because of their inherent design...

Authors: P. Manikandan, Kazuyuki Hokamoto, Seyed Hadi Ghaderi, Naresh N. Thadhani

Abstract: The jet formed from the high velocity collision of metal plates have proven both scientifically unique and of potential interest, although...

Authors: P. Tamilchelvan, Krishnamorthy Raghukandan, N. Meikandan, K. Sivakumar

Abstract: The paper deals with detailed studies on the bond zone morphology of Cu / Ss, Br / Ss, Al / Ss weld combinations of explosive welds. The...

Authors: Krishnamorthy Raghukandan, P. Tamilchelvan, N. Meikandan

Abstract: Explosive cladding is a non-conventional, solid-phase bonding technique in which bonding between two plates is produced by their high...

Authors: Seyed Hadi Ghaderi, Akihisa Mori, Kazuyuki Hokamoto

Abstract: Explosion welding has produced a large number of dissimilar joints. But the explosion welding of materials of low impact toughness and...

Authors: Peter Nesvadba, Stanislav Rolc

Abstract: The technology of explosive welding (EXW) was used for development of metallic multilayer ballistic resistant materials. Explosive cladded...


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