Optical Behaviors of Novel Amorphous Ge – S – AgI Layers


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The novel bulk glasses from the chalcohalide Ge-S-AgI system have been synthesized. From the as-prepared samples amorphous films have been deposited by vacuum thermal evaporation. The amorphous nature of the studied bulk and layered materials has been proved by Xray diffraction. The composition of the synthesized bulk chalcohalide glasses and corresponding amorphous thin films has been ascertained by means of Auger electron spectroscopy. The morphology and uniformity of the deposited layers have been investigated using scanning electron microscopy. The basic optical properties of the studied glassy films have been defined. Variations in the optical behaviors as a function of the composition have been derived. Experiments related to optical recording in the investigated Ge-S-AgI layers has been implemented. The diffraction efficiency as a function of various recording beam intensities has been obtained.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 567-568)

Edited by:

Pavel Šandera




B. Monchev et al., "Optical Behaviors of Novel Amorphous Ge – S – AgI Layers", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 567-568, pp. 201-204, 2008

Online since:

December 2007




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