Fracture Behaviour of Fe3Al and FeAl Type Iron Aluminides


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Fracture behaviour of two intermetallic alloys based on FeAl and Fe3Al was studied. On the alloys Fe-40Al-1C (at%) and Fe-29.5Al-2.3Cr-0.63Zr-0.2C (at%) (FA06Z), a basic characterization, the fracture toughness tests and fractographic analysis were carried out. Tensile tests and fracture toughness tests were performed at 20, 200, 400 and 600°C. The fracture toughness values range from 26 MPa.m1/2 at 20°C to 42 MPa.m1/2 at 400°C. In addition, Jintegral dependence on a obtained by potential method was measured. The fractographic analysis showed that samples fractured at 20, 200 and 400°C in the tensile or fracture toughness tests exhibit transgranular cleavage fracture, while at 600°C the ductile dimple fracture predominates.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 567-568)

Edited by:

Pavel Šandera




A. Kubošová et al., "Fracture Behaviour of Fe3Al and FeAl Type Iron Aluminides", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 567-568, pp. 349-352, 2008

Online since:

December 2007




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