Development of A3003 Alloy Tube for Eco-Friendly Refrigerant Application


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The influence of extrusion temperature and Ti content was investigated by observing the microstructure and determining the mechanical strength of A3003 alloy tube. The A3003 alloy was modified by inoculation in terms of addition of Ti and then extruded at the various extrusion temperatures. In case of A3003 alloy tube without addition of Ti, the yield strength was slightly improved with decreasing extrusion temperature. On the other hand, the yield strength was improved markedly in A3003 alloy tube with small addition of Ti, and also ductility was slightly reduced. Grain size distribution from observing the microstructure was different with addition of Ti. Coarse grains were formed on the outer and inner parts of the alloy tube without addition of Ti, whereas the finer grains were uniformly distributed in the alloy tube with addition of Ti. Thus the microstructure and mechanical strength of A3003 alloy tube could be controlled by addition of Ti. Threefore, optimum Ti content and extrusion temperature to fabricate high yield strength and ductility A3003 alloy tube (σy=60 MPa, ε=30%) for eco-friendly refrigerant application are above 0.05wt.Ti and below 480 °C, respectively. Introduction



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Byungsei Jun, Hyungsun Kim, Chanwon Lee, Soo Wohn Lee




H. Cho et al., "Development of A3003 Alloy Tube for Eco-Friendly Refrigerant Application", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 569, pp. 293-296, 2008

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January 2008




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