Physicochemical Characteristics of ZnS Immobilized on Spherical Activated Carbon for Removing HA(Humic Acid)


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In this study, spherical activated carbons contained ZnS(Zn-SPAC) were successfully prepared through carbonization/activation processes. Strong acid ion exchange resin as starting material of Zn-SPAC was treated by 0.01 N zinc solution. Ion exchange treatment was performed from one time to three times for controling zinc content. The ion exchanged resins was activated under N2/H2O-vapor atmosphere at 900 °C for 0.5 hr following by carbonization treatment at 700 °C under N2 atmosphere. The Zn-SPAC samples were measured physicochemical characteristics such as X-ray patterns, SEM image, energy dispersive X-ray spectra, BET specific surface area, intensity and zinc content and used to remove humic acid(HA) in batch reactor for measuring photochemical activity. The X-ray patterns were appeared ZnS type. The Zn-SPAC had large BET specific surface area and their shape was spherical with a diameter about 350 ~ 400 μm. When the Zn-SPAC were dosed in UV reactor, the HA removal efficiency increased upto 60 % at 4hr. The order hand, the HA removal efficiency by only UV-C(λmax =254nm) irradiation was not good about 15 %. Therefore, we infer that the Zn-SPAC have good photochemical activity and presented possibility of photocatalyst for water purification.



Edited by:

Byungsei Jun, Hyungsun Kim, Chanwon Lee, Soo Wohn Lee




J. J. Lee et al., "Physicochemical Characteristics of ZnS Immobilized on Spherical Activated Carbon for Removing HA(Humic Acid)", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 569, pp. 37-40, 2008

Online since:

January 2008




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