Eco-Materials Processing and Design IX

Volume 569

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jong Tae Jung, Jong Oh Kim, Bum Gun Kwon, Dong Ha Song

Abstract: This study was conducted to evaluate the treatment performance of the system using peroxy radical/ozone reaction for refractory organic...

Authors: Joon Jae Lee, Jeong Kwon Suh, Ji Sook Hong, Jung Min Lee, Jin Won Park

Abstract: In this study, spherical activated carbons contained ZnS(Zn-SPAC) were successfully prepared through carbonization/activation processes....

Authors: Jae Kyung Yoon, Sang Hyun Bae, Jin Wook Ha, Hyun Ku Joo

Abstract: In this study, an anodized TiO2 electrode (ATE) on a titanium foil was prepared and used as a photoanode in an enzymatic...

Authors: Hai Yun Jin, Guan Jun Qiao, Zong Ren Peng, Ji Qiang Gao

Abstract: SiC particles coated with nano-BN were synthesized and the machinable SiC/BN ceramic nano-composites were fabricated by Plasma Active...

Authors: Juan Li Yu, Hong Jie Wang, Hong Zeng, Dan Bo Lin, Zhi Hao Jin

Abstract: Porous Si3N4 ceramics by gel casting preparation has received considerable attention because of its excellent performance. In the paper,...

Authors: Tao Jiang, Hai Yun Jin, Zhi Hao Jin, Jian Feng Yang, Guan Jun Qiao

Abstract: The machinable B4C/BN ceramics composites were fabricated by hot-pressing sintering process at 1850oC for 1h under the pressure of 30MPa....

Authors: Hwa Shin Lee, Dong Bok Lee

Abstract: The high-temperature oxidation resistance of the WC-CrN superhard nanocomposite films was studied at 600 and 700oC in air. The oxidation of...

Authors: Dae Yong Shin, Kyung Nam Kim

Abstract: MgO thin film was deposited on soda lime glass substrate by sol-gel process. MgO thin film with the (200) preferred orientation were...

Authors: Seung Joon Ahn, Ho Seob Kim, Dae Wook Kim, Seong Joon Ahn

Abstract: The electron beam lithography has been paid great attention as a future lithography technology for the patterning of extremely fine...

Authors: Moon Kyong Na, Hoy Yul Park, Dong Pil Kang, Myeong Sang Ahn

Abstract: Three kinds of colloidal silica (CS)/silane sol were prepared. Sols are involved with the kinds of silane with different organic group....


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