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Authors: Sung Pill Nam, Sung Gap Lee, Young Hie Lee
Abstract:The V1.9W0.1O5 thin films deposited on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si substrates by RF sputtering method exhibited fairly good TCR and dielectric properties....
Authors: Jong Min Lim, Sang Woo Kim
Abstract:Nickel coated gadolinium doped ceria (GDC) powder was synthesized by microwave radiation and combustion. For the synthesis, the precipitates...
Authors: Jong Hae Kim, Won Chul Choi
Abstract:In this paper, we consider the analysis of grinding collagen and mathematical function from the cell toxic experiments using interpolation...
Authors: Dong Hwan Song, Jong Kook Lee, Dong Seok Seo, Gon Seung Yang
Abstract:Titanium-based nitride coatings on cutting tools, press molds and dies can prolong their life cycle because of superior corrosion and...
Authors: Xi Hai Jin, Lian Gao, Jing Sun
Abstract:SiC/ZTM nanocomposites were prepared, and the influence of nanosized SiC addition on the microstructure and mechanical properties were...
Authors: Yong Hwan Kim, S.I. Kwun
Abstract:The phases formed in the wide-gap region brazed with Ni-14Cr-10Co-3.5Al-2.5Ta-2.8B filler metal powder in IN738 superalloy were investigated...
Authors: Tao Zhang, Hai Yun Jin, Yong Ian Wang, Zhi Hao Jin
Abstract:AlN/BN laminated ceramic composites were fabricated using tape-casting and hot-pressing by optimizing the designs of the structure and...
Authors: Ji Hwan Yun, Sung Kyu Ahn, Kwang Ho Kim
Abstract:CrN-based multi-component coatings were deposited by a hybrid coating system combining the arc ion plating (AIP) and sputtering technique....
Authors: Eun Young Choi, Ji Hoon Park, Kwang Ho Kim
Abstract:In this work, the Ti-Al-Si-C-N coatings were synthesized on Stainless steel and Si wafer by a hybrid coating system, where arc ion plating...
Authors: Gui Wu Liu, Guan Jun Qiao, Hong Jie Wang, Jian Feng Yang, Tian Jian Lu
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