Eco-Materials Processing and Design IX

Volume 569

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sen Liang, Ji Qiang Gao, Jian Feng Yang, Min Luo

Abstract: The electrical and structural properties of the mixture of Co3O4 and In2O3 were studied. All the samples were added with 2% nanocrystalline...

Authors: Wei Zhang, De Ning Zou, Hong Hong Yao, Jun Yang

Abstract: Copper is a well-known alloying element which is used to improve the resistance to general corrosion of stainless steels. Our previous...

Authors: Jae Hee Jung, Jung Bum Choo, Sang Soo Kim

Abstract: In diesel engine, generally, the removal of carbon nanoparticles has been based on a filtration system or oxidation reactor with O2 at high...

Authors: Supawan Kasuriya, Sirithan Jiemsirilers, Parjaree Thavorniti

Abstract: The clay-based ceramic was produced by adding with the bottom ash from domestic municipal solid waste incinerator plant in Thailand. The...

Authors: Dae Yong Shin, Kyung Nam Kim

Abstract: Municipal incinerator residue (MIR) was used as raw material to replace clay to manufacture bricks. Brick specimens were substituted from 0...

Authors: Rumi Chand, Takanori Watari, Toshio Torikai, Mitsunori Yada, Katsutoshi Inoue

Abstract: Porous carbon having surface area of 792 m2g-1 was prepared from barley straw by carbonization at 800 oC at a heating rate of 5 oCmin-1 to...

Authors: Xue Gang Luo, Feng Liu, Xiao Yan Lin, Jian Zhou

Abstract: A new Gelatin-glutaradehyde-Poly(vinyl alcohol) bioadsorbent was synthesized by immobilizing Poly(vinyl alcohol) onto gelatin followed by...

Authors: Jae Kyung Yoon, Eun Jung Shim, Jin Wook Ha, Hyun Ku Joo

Abstract: In this study, immobilized nanotubular TiO2 is used to reduce toxic Cr(VI) to non toxic Cr(III) in aqueous solution under UV irradiation....

Authors: Dae Geun Kim, Jae Ho Lee

Abstract: The codeposition of fine WC and Co coated WC particles from nickel Watt’s bath has been investigated. Electroplating of Ni/WC and Ni/WC(Co)...

Authors: Beom Goo Lee, Hyun Jong Lee, Dae Yong Shin, Yeon Ho Jeong, Cheng Wu Jin, Dong Ha Cho, Kang Yol Lee, Dong Eun Kim, Wie Soo Kang, Young Gyun Goh, Byung Ho Hwang

Abstract: Kenaf core was tested for its ability to sorb diesel oil from the pure diesel oil bath and the diesel oil containing water bath after...


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