Metastable and Nanostructured Materials III

Volume 570

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Juan Bartolomé, F. Luis, L.M. García, F. Bartolomé, F. Petroff, C. Deranlot, F. Wilhelm, A. Rogalev, P. Bencok, N.B. Brookes

Abstract: The effect of capping with Cu, Au and Pt of an array of Co nanoparticles is revised. The magnetic surface anisotropy KS was found to be the...

Authors: Jérôme Gavillet, Stéphane Getin, Etienne Quesnel, Steve Martin, Guillaume Delapierre, Karla Hiller, Joerg Nestler, Thomas Gessner, Juergen Soechtig, Guy Voirin, Lukas Buergi, Janko Auerswald, Helmut F. Knapp, Stanley Ross, Samuel Bigot, Markus Ehrat, Andreas Lieb, Marie Claire Beckers, Damien Dresse
Authors: Michelle A. Souza, Nelson M. Larocca, Edcleide Maria Araújo, Luiz Antonio Pessan

Abstract: Nanocomposites of PA6 / organoclay at different concentration were prepared via melt intercalation method using a corotating twin screw...

Authors: Marcos Lopes Dias, Marlon S. Santos, Felipe Rodrigues Alves, Chiaki Azuma

Abstract: Copolymerization of silicon alkoxides in alcoholic basic medium using trialkyl- or triarylchlorosilanes as terminator was investigated....

Authors: Sylvain Pedneault, L. Roué, Jacques Huot

Abstract: In the development of metal hydrides for commercial applications, a special attention should be devoted to the ways of production. For...

Authors: Antoine Vaichere, Daniel Rodrigo Leiva, Tomaz Toshimi Ishikawa, Walter José Botta Filho

Abstract: A good method to store hydrogen is in it atomic form in crystalline structure of metals at low pressure. Thanks to magnesium’s high...

Authors: S.A. Loureiro, Daniel Fruchart, Sophie Rivoirard, Dílson S. dos Santos, L.M. Tavares

Abstract: AB2 metallic alloys provide large quantities of Laves phases when prepared using conventional thermal routes. In the present work the...

Authors: Fabiana C. Gennari, Marcelo R. Esquivel

Abstract: Structure, microstructure and hydriding properties of mechanically alloyed 2Mg-Ni mixture were investigated. Two different nanocomposites...


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