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Authors: Aaron Krawitz
Abstract:The early years of neutron stress measurements are recounted using published documents and input from workers in the field. The...
Authors: Yoshiaki Akiniwa, Hidehiko Kimura
Abstract:The compressive stress distribution below the specimen surface of a nanocrystalline medium carbon steel was investigated nondestructively by...
Authors: Adele Carradò, D. Duriez, Laurent Barrallier, Sebastian Brück, Agnès Fabre, Uwe Stuhr, Thilo Pirling, Vincent Klosek, Heinz Palkowski
Abstract:Seamless tubes are used for many applications, e.g. in heating, transport gases and fluids, evaporators as well as medical use and as...
Authors: Volkan Güley, A. Erman Tekkaya, Turhan Savaş, Feridun Özhan
Abstract:Experimental investigation of residual stresses after heat treatment and grinding processes in the production of ball bearing rings has been...
Authors: I. Lopez, Abdelilah Benmarouane, Herve Bonnefoy, Pierre Millet, Alain Lodini
Abstract:A full review for technological processes used today, in dental prostheses industry for titanium casting, both in Europe and in United...
Authors: Julia Repper, Michael Hofmann, C. Krempaszky, Winfried Petry, Ewald Werner
Abstract:Mechanical and thermal treatments during the manufacturing process inevitably cause the accumulation of residual stresses in parts...
Authors: Jeremy S. Robinson, Christopher E. Truman, M.S. Hossain, Robert C. Wimpory
Abstract:The most critical stage in the heat treatment of high strength aluminium alloys is the rapid cooling necessary to form a supersaturated...
Authors: Jesus Ruiz-Hervias, Vladimir Luzin, Henry Prask, T. Gnaeupel-Herold, Manuel Elices Calafat
Abstract:Cold-drawing is employed to fabricate wires and rods, which are mainly used as structural reinforcements in construction as well as in the...
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