Physical Simulation of Dynamic Recrystallization Behavior of 7050 Aluminum Alloy


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This work aims to investigate the influence of hot deformation on dynamic recrystallization(DRX) behavior of 7050 aluminum alloy by means of physical simulation method. The hot compression tests were carried out on Gleeble 1500 machine in temperature range of 250-450°C and strain rate range of 0.01–10 s-1. Transmission electronic microscopy (TEM) was employed to observe and analyze the microstructure and DRX behavior in different deformation conditions. The results show that the effects of deformation temperature and strain rate on microstructural evolution of the alloy are remarkable. When temperature is lower than 350°C, only the dynamical recovery( DRV) occurs and typical sub-grains appear. In the range of 350-400°C, the incomplete DRX occurs and the recrystallized grain size increases with increasing temperature. The complete DRX occurs at 450°C and the fine equiaxied grains with high-angle boundaries develop resultantly. The DRX grain size increases as strain rate decreases. The desirable microstructure and properties can be obtained by optimizing the forging process parameters.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 575-578)

Edited by:

Jitai NIU, Zuyan LIU, Cheng JIN and Guangtao Zhou






Y. P. Yi and Y. Shi, "Physical Simulation of Dynamic Recrystallization Behavior of 7050 Aluminum Alloy", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 575-578, pp. 1083-1085, 2008

Online since:

April 2008





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