Grades 92 and 23: Weldability Assessment and Long-Term Performances for Power Generation Applications


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Increased efficiency and emission reduction in modern power plants lead to the use of new advanced materials with enhanced creep strength, with the objective to increase the steam parameters of power plants. With over ten years on market and wide experience related to its use, ASTM Grade 92 is becoming one of the most required materials when high service temperatures are reached (max. 610°C). Its composition, with 9%Cr and 1.5%W, gives rise to martensitic microstructures which offer very high creep strength and long term stability. The improved weldability and creep-strength between 500 and 580°C of the low alloy ASTM Grade 23, as well as a cost advantage over higher Cr materials in this temperature range, make it one of the possible candidates to meet the stringent requirements of modern power plants. Air Liquide Welding (ALW) has optimized and distributes a complete product family for the welding of Grades 23 and 92. TenarisDalmine (TD) focused on the development of Grade 23 tubes and pipes and is working on the development of Grade 92. A deep characterization work of the microstructural evolution and long term creep performances of these high temperature resistant materials was thus undertaken by ALW and TD, in collaboration with the Centro Sviluppo Materiali (CSM). The joint characterization program consisted in the assessment of welded joints creep properties. Welded joints were produced using the gas tungsten (GTAW), shielded metal (SMAW) and submerged arc welding (SAW) processes. Mechanical and creep properties of weldments were measured both in the as welded and post weld heat treated conditions and proper WPS’s were designed in a manner such that industrial production needs were satisfied. Short term creep resistance of cross weld specimens was measured to be within the base material acceptance criteria. Long term base material and cross weld creep performance evaluation are now in progress.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 580-582)

Edited by:

Changhee Lee, Jong-Bong Lee, Dong-Hwan Park and Suck-Joo Na






E. Bauné et al., "Grades 92 and 23: Weldability Assessment and Long-Term Performances for Power Generation Applications", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 580-582, pp. 383-388, 2008

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June 2008




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