Robot Based Laser Welding Technology


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In order to obtain a good result in the laser welding process, the laser welding technology for manufacturing an automobile body is studied in this research. The monitoring of the welding quality and the seam tracking are studied to improve the productivity. The robot, the seam tracking system and CW Nd:YAG laser are used for the robot laser welding system. The laser system is 4kW Nd:YAG laser_(HL4006D) of Trumpf and the robot system is IRB6400R of ABB. The robot laser welding system is equipped with the seam tracker and plasma sensor. The seam tracking system is composed of SMART-20LS and RAPAL of Servo-Robot and MVS-5 sensor of MVS. The precise positioning of the laser beam on the joint to be assembled is obtained by seam tracker. The welding joints of steel plate are butt and lap joint. The three dimensional welding for non-linear tailored blank is performed after the fundamental experiments of bead-on-plate. Finally, the welding process for non-linear tailored blank and front side member is studied. The monitoring method of welding quality and seam tracking along the butt-joint are studied. The artificial defects in joint are well observed by the plasma intensity signal from the plasma sensor of UV and IR. The robot based laser welding system is developed for the precision seam tracking and the real-time monitoring of welding quality.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 580-582)

Edited by:

Changhee Lee, Jong-Bong Lee, Dong-Hwan Park and Suck-Joo Na






H. S. Kang et al., "Robot Based Laser Welding Technology", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 580-582, pp. 565-568, 2008

Online since:

June 2008




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