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  | Authors: Volodymyr A. Chernenko, Victor A. L'vov
Abstract:The giant magnetically-induced deformation of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys results from the magnetic field-induced rearrangement of...
Authors: Peter Entel, Vasiliy D. Buchelnikov, Markus E. Gruner, Alfred Hucht, Vladimir V. Khovailo, Sanjeev K. Nayak, Alexey T. Zayak
Abstract:The Ni-Mn-Ga shape memory alloy displays the largest shape change of all known magnetic Heusler alloys with a strain of the order of 10% in...
Authors: Peter Müllner, G. Kostorz
Abstract:Magnetic shape-memory alloys owe their exceptional properties primarily to the accompanying effects of a martensitic phase transformation....
Authors: Yu Wang, Xiao Bing Ren, Kazuhiro Otsuka
Abstract:“Glass”, a frozen disordered-state, has been found in areas as diverse as amorphous solids, magnetic alloys, ferroelectrics,...
Authors: Sergey Kustov, Jan Van Humbeeck
Abstract:This chapter analyzes applicability of different models of anelasticity to damping capacity of shape memory alloys both in the martensitic...
Authors: Lluís Mañosa, Xavier Moya, Antoni Planes, Seda Aksoy, Mehmet Acet, Eberhard F. Wassermann, Thorsten Krenke
Abstract:We report on strain measurements in Ni-Mn-Ga, Ni-Mn-In, Ni-Mn-Sn and Ni-Mn-Sb polycrystalline alloys as a function of temperature and...
Authors: T. Kanomata, K. Fukushima, H. Nishihara, Ryosuke Kainuma, W. Itoh, Katsunari Oikawa, Kiyohito Ishida, K.U. Neumann, K.R.A. Ziebeck
Abstract:X-ray powder diffraction and magnetization measurements were done on the magnetic shape memory alloys Ni2Mn1+xSn1-x. The alloys with 0≤x≾0.4...
Authors: Vasiliy D. Buchelnikov, Sergey V. Taskaev, M.A. Zagrebin, Peter Entel
Abstract:In this work with the help of the phenomenological Ginzburg-Landau theory of structural and magnetic phase transitions the phase diagrams of...
Authors: Ratchat Techapiesancharoenkij, Samuel M. Allen, Robert C. O'Handley
Abstract:Ni–Mn–Ga based ferromagnetic shape memory alloys (FSMAs) have emerged as a promising class of active materials capable of producing a large...
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